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Chapter 7- Fond Memories and Naps

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It felt like someone was drilling screws in my head....but I kept on. I swiped tears from my eyes as I got closer and closer to the girl. It couldn't be couldn't.... I kept on wheeling determined to see this out. **A few hours earlier** Glo sighed as she laid her phone down beside her. There had been too much going on these past days and it was becoming a little...scratch that...too overwhelming to handle. With Kiara's injury and personal matters meeting BTS was the relief and excitement she needed to raise her out of her slump. She glanced at her phone once more. Should she call Kiara or the other girls to see how they're doing? No they're probably having fun. She dismissed the thought. "That's a really bad habit you know...talking out loud." Glo looked behind her from the couch to see Suga staring at her with tired eyes. Glo looked at him with surprise. Did he really hear all that?? "Yeah I did. really can't help it can you?" he yawned. "I...thought you were asleep.." Glo stammered. "Yeah.. I thought so too. I'm not usually a light sleeper but.." he stopped because of another yawn. "You're thoughts troubled me and I became too concerned." There was silence in the room. Glo couldn't even mange words. He was concerned..about me? Glo never dreamed an idol would notice her let alone care about her problems. But Suga cared and it was a shock to Glo. "Hey beautiful don't look so lost." Suga snapped Glo out of her daydream state. She blushed at the compliment. "You really think that I'm..." Glo started. Suga finished her sentence for her, " don't believe me?" He got up with that and grabbed Glo's hand. He pulled Glo up so they were eye to eye. Glo couldn't hold it and dropped her gaze. Suga placed his hand under her chin and raised it up so their eyes were connected again.
" Gloria Ann Martinez you have touched my heart ever since I first saw you. Please forgive me but I searched into your history and I was amazed at it. Your strength...its stronger than any I have ever seen." Glo stared into his eyes as he continued to speak. "I'm not sure but I've been having these feelings for a while and I'm certain its because of you.. And whether you feel the same or.." Glo had heard enough. She closed the space between them and kissed him. She pulled back only to be pulled back by Suga's hands. The kiss was deep and Glo felt the emotion in it. Suga was the one to pull back and he smirked. "I guess my feelings weren't misplaced." Suga stated. Glo smiled, "Of course not. But what now?" Suga smirked, "Just keep that fourth ring empty." He started to his bed then with Glo following him asking him to repeat what he just said. **Present Time** "Coreena?" I ventured. The girl was standing before me with her back turned. "Coreena is that you?" I asked again. The girl turned around and I cried at what I saw. There was no mistaking it.. The figure was no other than my noona that I had lost 3 years ago. She was speechless which was not like her as I wheeled closer and lifted my hand to her face. The tears didn't stop as I touched her face. She flinched at the contact. "It is really you...but how? I don't understand.." She appeared to be deeply confused as she stared me over not believing I was really there either. She finally spoke, "Kiara...unnie why? How are you even here right now?" I looked at her questioningly. What did she mean by "here"? Deciding to ignore for right now I replied, "I was planning on asking you the same thing noona." I should've answered her first because she slapped me in the arm. "Ya!! I asked you first." She seemed really worried. She then noticed Jin walking towards us. "Is that Jin from BTS walking towards us?" she asked me. "Yeah who else would it be?" I said impatiently. When Jin was only a few feet away Coreena looked at me. "Kiara I'm not sure what's going on right now or how you're even here right now. Could it be because..." Before she could utter another word Jin walked up and stepped between me and Coreena defensively. "Who are you and how do you know this girl?" Jin said to my noona. There wasn't enough time to warn Jin as Coreena kicked him right in his shin. He dropped the ice cream as he reached for his shin. Coreena nodded pleased by her work and looked back at me. I wheeled to Jin and tried to comfort him. "Did you have to kick him like that?" I looked at Coreena. She stared at Jin who was still holding his leg. "I guess I was a bit harsh but he should know how to speak to a lady. Besides you already knew what was coming." There was no doubt about that. You never got in the way of Coreena when it came down to her friends. That's actually how we met....


It was in elementary school. I was in kindergarten and Coreena was in 3rd. I was a nervous wreck making sure I had everything for class and was prepared. I didn't know anyone so of course I was scared out of my mind. I remembered the first friend I made. Mostly because she pranked me. I walked into the class and looked around for a seat. A girl got my attention and motioned at the seat beside her. I hurried over and sat down without looking down on the seat. A loud farting sound came from my seat. The classroom erupted in laughter at the sound and searched for the perpetrator. I held my breath when one girl pointed to me. When I was seconds from having my reputation ruined the girl confessed saying it was her. I looked at her with confusion. She gave me a wink as the crowd erupted in laughter again. Ignoring the laughther the girl extended her hand to me. "I'm Marisol by the way. Pleased to meet you. " She gave a wide smile. I took her hand saying my name. "Kiara huh? Let's be friends okay!!" I nodded still feeling a little confused but happy because I had a friend.
As lunch rolled around Marisol and I were lost in the crowd as we found our way to the cafeteria. I saw that Marisol was getting close to her boiling point as another person bumped right into us without saying a word. "Gosh..I didn't know there were so many rude people in this school." I whispered to Marisol. She scowled and agreed. When we finally got our food, we wandered aimlessly around the cafeteria searching for a seat. As were searching an older girl bumped past Marisol roughly. Marisol's tray flew out of her hands and onto the floor. I gasped and looked at Marisol and knew by her look that someone was in trouble. "Marisol we can always go and get another tray.. let's just go okay?" Marisol turned in the other girl's direction, "Hey!! Don't you have any manners? Were you raised in a freaking barn?!?" The taller girl noticed Marisol's for the first time. "Ya!! Are you talking to me?" The girl asked. Marisol who was not backing down replied, "Yeah. I don't see another klutz around here. You should really try apologizing when you bump into someone." The girl had a expression of surprisement because of Marisol's bold statement. I was surprised too but also glad because I wasn't on her bad side right now. The girl laughed. "Wow you got guts unnie. More than most people your size anyway. As an reward I'll buy you lunch." Marisol mouth opened really wide. "Can you believe this Kiara?" She looked back at the girl. " Fine you buy me lunch and we'll call it even. And another thing. What the heck is an unnie?" The girl smiled excitedly. "You poor naive little children. Don't you worry I will guide you to the world of Kpop!!" Marisol and I both looked at each other curiously. "Kpop??" The tall girl laughed. "I think you'll really like G-Dragon." Marisol seemed uneasy. "I'll be the judge of that. Come on Kiara. Let's see what this is about." Surprised that this still hadnt come up I asked her for her name. The girl answered as we walked off. "Its Coreena but you two can call me noona."


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