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[ROLL CALL] What's The Weirdest Dream You Remember?
A few years ago, someone told me that no one cares about that crazy dream you had last night. I disagree. Crazy dreams are hilarious, and they're one of my favorite stories that other people tell me.
Welcome to the Funny Community weekly free-for-all called "COOL STORY, BRO!" where we all share ridiculous memories we have, from when we wound up in the ER after hurting ourselves a really stupid way to exchanging the weird lies our parents told us as children - that we believed!

Today's big question - What's the weirdest dream YOU remember?

I'll start first:

When I was a little girl, I had a dream that my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Juster, was a witch. (In real life, Mrs. Juster was an extremely kind lady, but she made the mistake of dressing up as a witch for Halloween that year, and thus, the image never really left my head.) I had a lot of nightmares as a kid, and my parents taught me that if I see a monster or any other type of scary creature in my dreams, I should tell the monsters that they're ugly and should go away and leave me alone. This Mrs. Juster dream was the first time I ever remembered this implement this strategy. So basically, when I see Mrs. Juster the Witch in my dream, I started shouting "YOU'RE UGLY! YOU'RE UGLY! GO AWAY!" to which she replied "I'M UGLY? DID YOU JUST CALL ME... UGLY?" And Mrs. Juster the Witch started to cry and wail in a perfectly Wicked Witch tone. The more I kept calling her ugly and telling her to go away, the harder she cried out about how mean I was to say that to her, and slowly, she began to melt away. I went back to school the next day feeling like THE WORLD'S WORST PERSON. I'm sorry I called you ugly, Mrs. Juster. You were actually really great!

So now it's your turn!

Comment below with YOUR weirdest dream.

(Extra points if it involves a celebrity or that weird kid from 9th grade homeroom.)


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My brother turned into a swan and I killed him
2 years ago·Reply
mine is simply to weired to say out,loud
2 years ago·Reply
Well this happen in most dreams I remember. There's always this man... Boy who I either flirt with or I don't know how to say this but get like sitting on his lap and stuff but I never see his face. That's not the weirdest part... Usually each dream it's a different man.
2 years ago·Reply
I totally love this !! I have always had crazy strange and sometimes horrible night mares. But the that has always made me laugh the most and I still remember to this day was a dream I had 16 years ago when I was a jr in high school ! My uncle Greg had turned into a shark and we to keep him in my grand parents pool and his kids my cousins Jeff and Jackie kept trying to help him and feed him but he kept blighting off there limbs and so we had to stick them in a machine that grew them back and I was on the phone with Sea World trying to get him moved there and see if they could help us switch him back or keep him safe !! I woke up in tears because he looked so sad and angry in the pool! The funny thing is my uncle Greg is more of a big teddy bear so I have no idea why he would turn into a shark I must have watched jaws the night before lol I was happy when I woke and there was no sharks in the pool ;)
a year ago·Reply
My 9th grade math teacher shot me in the leg and when I removed the bullet, it was an olive.
a year ago·Reply