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A few years ago, someone told me that no one cares about that crazy dream you had last night. I disagree. Crazy dreams are hilarious, and they're one of my favorite stories that other people tell me.
Welcome to the Funny Community weekly free-for-all called "COOL STORY, BRO!" where we all share ridiculous memories we have, from when we wound up in the ER after hurting ourselves a really stupid way to exchanging the weird lies our parents told us as children - that we believed!

Today's big question - What's the weirdest dream YOU remember?

I'll start first:

When I was a little girl, I had a dream that my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Juster, was a witch. (In real life, Mrs. Juster was an extremely kind lady, but she made the mistake of dressing up as a witch for Halloween that year, and thus, the image never really left my head.) I had a lot of nightmares as a kid, and my parents taught me that if I see a monster or any other type of scary creature in my dreams, I should tell the monsters that they're ugly and should go away and leave me alone. This Mrs. Juster dream was the first time I ever remembered this implement this strategy. So basically, when I see Mrs. Juster the Witch in my dream, I started shouting "YOU'RE UGLY! YOU'RE UGLY! GO AWAY!" to which she replied "I'M UGLY? DID YOU JUST CALL ME... UGLY?" And Mrs. Juster the Witch started to cry and wail in a perfectly Wicked Witch tone. The more I kept calling her ugly and telling her to go away, the harder she cried out about how mean I was to say that to her, and slowly, she began to melt away. I went back to school the next day feeling like THE WORLD'S WORST PERSON. I'm sorry I called you ugly, Mrs. Juster. You were actually really great!

So now it's your turn!

Comment below with YOUR weirdest dream.

(Extra points if it involves a celebrity or that weird kid from 9th grade homeroom.)


weell mine isn't a dream exactly but @danidee 's story reminds me of my summer school teacher who I was convinced was a vampire serial killer,and that the calendar that he kept on his wall was a way for him to secretly keep track of all of the murders. I even wrote about it in the journal we had to keep for class and felt bad when he found out about it,and had to convince me that he was in fact neither a vampire or a serial killer.
Well...so a few weeks back my dream first started off with a mini giraffe in my back yard. I was like "ay, there's a mini giraffe outside" no one seemed to be listening, then we stared at each other for a moment, then it went around to the front of the house. Naturally I followed it (from inside the house of course, I was too scared to walk outside). So I'm at the front door...and the mini giraffe is now a full grown damn horse (!) It comes to the front of the door and im like the ONLY one whose interested in it! No one is listening to me or even paying me any attention, so im just peeking through the front door bonding with this horse, who I figured was a female because well through our telepathy moment or whatever she looks to a pile of random leaves in my front yard and I look and see two baby horses (ponies?) So then Mama Horse started changing colors, at first she was black now she's spotted (black, white &brown)...Long story short I wanted to adopt Mama Horse and the babies but couldn't, so I visited them daily at the conveniently placed animal shelter right down my street (there isn't one there in real life though).
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Ugh one of my weirdest was when I was in this dark creepy school all alone but I was running from my art teacher who I found out killed people. Then I took an elevator down to the basement and hid in a supplies closet but when I turned around he was in there painting a tree on an easel. He asked me "Would you like to learn how to paint a treeee~~?" Mega creepy. So I ran out and finally made it outside the school, only for there to be a force feild that I couldn't get through. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to go back to that room(luckily he wasn't there) and then I tore down the tree painting and picked up a random bucket of red paint and started painting help messages and his name on the easel then the walls. I don't know why but I picked up some paper mache thing. Then I realized the paint kept drying to a brownish red and when I looked at my hands it was blood everywhere. The door opened and I screamed and then I woke up.
Omg! My dream was the worst! The dream I had was with Michael Jackson, so in the beginning of my dream I was bike riding with a silbing of mine in the mountain there was a forest, trail, and a stream. So anyways, we were riding in the forest and following the trail, then I look up ahead on the trail and Michael Jackson appeared. I still remember how he looked in my dream. He was wearing a purple suit, with purple pants, but on his jacket there was orange flowers, and like tan swirls! And his shoes were black and waxed. His face was so skinny, like he hasn't eaten for a couple weeks or days. Anyways I looked up ahead and like I had a bad feeling about MJ,(I mean just looked creepy and gross)so we were riding past him and like I don't know what happened but his head came off and I turned back and his head was on the ground and he was just smiling like nothing happened. So when I looked back I looked forward again and I saw him again. Not only that he standing there he had a axe with him and he looked like he was going to swing the axe towards me, then suddenly I had a axe with me, and I was ready to swing at him too. So as I came closer and closer I took off his head and his head fell to the ground. I stoped and looked back and he was gone, so I continue to ride my bike in the forest and when I reach to a cliff with a trail. As I was riding the trail (so scary X0) I was so close to the cliff like it felt like I was gonna fall any second, then MJ poped out of no where and pushed me off. I was falling and still pedaling my bike really fast. As I was falling I was being pshed from my bike and I started to tumble down the mountain and kept rolling down, then when I reached the ground I managed to be safe and unhurt. I looked up at the mountain and my silbling said "Hey are you okay, you just fell over the cliff hurry up." My reaction was like did you not just see what happened to me. Then I got up and started to ride up again(manage to catch up with my silbing though), and I aks my sibling if she saw MJ at all and guess what she said "No." And I'm all like seriously, it looked like I was just imagining him being there. As we continued to ride on I saw him again behind a big tree just smiling. And that's when I woke up! It's weird because I had this dream like three times. Lol, well yeah this was a weird and creepy dream!
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