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~@kmeier230 There isn’t. Despite the things that your partner may have told you, you are worthy of being loved and being cared for in a manner that is respectful, genuine and true. You do deserve it.°^°
 ~Cry. Scream. Eat a bucket of chicken. Fangirl. Do what you need to keep those feelings from bottling inside of you. Take care of yourself the best way you know how without going overboard.( Let it out Please >_<)
~ I may not know you well or don't have any experience in relationships ( I've never been in one) , but I consider everyone in my community my family . So I am here if you need me <3 Stay strong ....( I'm really bad at cheering people up) HWAITINGGG <3
@sarangseoltang I will :) thank you again 😶😌
@kmeier230 It's okay , I love making people smile :) . Promise me to smile more okay?
thank you so much. I smiled when I saw your card. this is why I love this community