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Last day of my BANGTAN BOYS Challenge! First off, BTS really opened my eyes to a lot of things that I could not see in this world. ❤Jin taught me that anything is possible--even someone who can't dance CAN dance! ❤Suga taught me that I should be who I am no matter what ❤Rap Monster taught me to never be late in doing what I want to do ❤J-Hope taught me that a genuine smile is the world's best medicine ❤Jimin taught me to never give up on anything I set my mind on ❤V taught me that no matter how weird you are, as long as you are having fun, it is ok ❤Jungkook taught me that every one has their own flaws (even Golden Maknaes xD)
I seriously think that Bangtan SoNyeoDan is a gift from God! It is amazing how 7 totally different characters ended up in one story. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses... but as a whole, BTS is pure Awesomeness ❤❤❤
I am just really happy that I discovered BTS and their music. I will always remember the way they are inspiring me to be a good person, do good deeds, and the way they portray in their music the fact that they want people like me to strive to achieve OUR dreams-- not anyone else's-- OUR DREAMS! No matter what, I am a proud ARMY who will continue to support BTS! BANGTAN SONYEODAN FIGHTING! ❤❤❤