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iKon's Goo Junhoe (1 month younger ) Why I like him: * I think he has a really good voice! My sister finds it annoying sometimes, but I love it! I especially like it in the song from their mini album called "M.U.P." His voice is really well-suited for the chorus of that song * There's no denying it--the boy is eye candy! xD * Although he sometimes presents himself as a cold, mean, careless, heartless, "I'm the best", "Bow down to me, peasants" sort of guy.. xD He's still an adorable and soft-hearted kid inside ❀
BTS's Jeon Jungkook (7 months younger) Why I like him: * Um, he's from BTS! He's the Golden Maknae! xD * No, he has a really nice, smooth voice that apparently has melted millions of girls. * He always looks nice while dancing even if he's wearing something totally ridiculous! * He has a good heart ❀
Got7's BamBam (3 months younger ) Why I like him: * He's really talented--dancing, rapping, playing piano, etc. * He's really outgoing, especially for a foreigner. I like how he got easily comfortable with the other members * He's Thai! ❀ @veeyang5 @kpopandkimchi
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I have too many dongsaengs
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