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I yearn to be in Fairy Tail. Just watching the anime makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger. Part of a family. I don't know about you, but just thinking about it brings me to tears; my heart bursts with emotion, with gratitude, with courage. Being a part of this guild would mean the world to me.💙
No lie when the main theme hits as an Epic moment is going down...Pretty much as Natsu beats everyone up or Greys papa dies. I shed tears. This show, has more meaning then anything I've ever seen:)
Fairy Tail 4 Life👆👆
I'm with you there all the way every single time I watch fairy tail I feel I'm not alone and that everything is much bigger because of how their friendship and family are to eachother
the feels always get me I luv fairy tail and when something happens to any of fairy tail I always cry sometimes happy tears sometimes tears of sorrow its like ur part of the family as well so when they go on a mission u do to.....for the ppl who watch fariy tail and the characters them selfs are the ones who keeps fairy tail strong....well thats how I see it
Fairy tail for life love you guys you get it
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