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Okay... I love, LOVE The Little Mermaid. Ariel is my all time crush, I love the sound track, and I know every song by heart. And, I used to know every monologue and dialogue in the movie haha That being said, no. I'm a fan of Ms. Moretz, but I don't see her being a good Ariel.
Say hello to Jessica Vill. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL, young woman who enjoys cosplay. Who is a near perfect Ariel. And who has a gorgeous voice. She basically embodies Ariel, more than anybody I can think of, or have seen. What are your thoughts? Is Chloë a good choice? If not, Who do you think would be great in the position? And while we're at it, who's your favorite Disney Princess? (Ariel reigns supreme for me, followed by Jasmine <3)
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@Arellano1052 I'm excited for Emma! Maybe that's because she's one of my fave actresses and I think she can basically do no wrong :P did I ever tell you we graduated together?? I met her at school once... and I've gone on dates with people who have gone on dates with her!!! :OOO I feel famous. Teehee. JK I'm a loser lol. But I'm excited to see what that movie is like. And holy cow, Jessica Vill! She IS like a perfect Ariel! I've always been a Chloe Grace Moretz fan, though. She's got those big Ariel eyes. And she's a great actress :) I'm down to see what she does with the role.
About favorite disney princess... hmm. I think I have to say Cinderella ^^ closely followed by Ariel. And maybe Mulan.
@Arellano1052 ah I meant Cinderella and Maleficent.... weren't really my thing. Haha I'm ok with it being for kids lol, it's not like the old ones weren't so it's fair. Lol I don't know how I feel about Emma Watson, I think I'd need to see her in action first but I'm not opposed to it
@allischaaff oooh yes Mulan! She's my favorite :D
@allischaaff What!!?!!?! No! You never mentioned that!!! Why didn't you tell me? You could've asked her if I could have her hand in marriage for me =_= Ugh. She's literally perfection. Very intelligent and a good, moralistic person who is insanely, unbelievably beautiful. I admire her greatly.