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@Kmeier230 Even though I don't know you that well I feel like I should still try to cheer you up since you are Vingle Family. So here is my way of cheering you up and letting you know someone is always there for you to talk to :) Hope you like it
Be yourself!!
Don't forget to smile :D
Don't forget that your crazy Vingle Family loves you
and will always be there for you !
*just leaving these here*
I hope it helped you a little if not I'm sorry. just remember things will get better :) Thank you @glo86 for letting me help :)
thank you so much it really did make me smile. thank you for taking the time to make me feel better I've been sleeping all day trying to forget anything ever happened so thank you for making this :)
@kmeier230 You're welcome that's what we are all here for to cheer friends up when we need it, fangirl when we need someone to go crazy with, and talk when we need to have someone listen. So don't be sad anymore :) and if you ever need anything let me know I'll be glad to help