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*Language Warning* ☆ Time To Shove It ☆
@Kmeier230 Ah so break ups suck major dickaroni Like they seriously suck BUT You're Vingle family is here for you So fuck you to the ex, they're missing out on a bomb ass person
Suga is showing his support ♡
Jiminnie wants you to be okay and knows you can get through this tough time ★
RapMon is better anyway babe
Kookie and Jimin heard what happened. TO THE RESCUE!
It's gonna be okay - Suga
Ah, I'm trying. I hate break ups so screw the ex, let's eat ice cream together. Credits to Tumblr
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And this is why I don't make things at 1am. Much love anyway ♥
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Haha thank you boo. I love this!
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it'll be okay!
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Since it kinda applies to your situation, @MichelleIbarra
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@Emealia Thank you very much! I love this ♡
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