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“I want to be sexy now” Actress Park Sin-hye mentioned ‘sexy’. The want to be sexy can, in other words, mean the end of landing as a grown up actress. Many younger actresses were highlighted back then but not everyone grew into a real actor or actress. Park Sin-hye was different. She is big enough to lead a romantic comedy drama herself. We met the actress from tvN drama “The Pretty Boy Next Door“. “I’ve been acting long but I’m only twenty-four years old”. The way she laughed as she said that showed that she was true. However, she’s not carelessly bright all the time. She said, “I was able to mature through Go Dok-mi”. She went through a similar childhood with the others. She debuted with “Stairway to Heaven” and was popular right away. She was going through adolescence and she didn’t like the fact that people looked at her. Rumors spread about things she didn’t ‘do. There was a group of friends who envied her in school so she was also nervous when it came to mingling with people. “I’m afraid I’ll get hurt”. Go Dok-mi was alike Park Sin-hye in this way. Like the nickname, ‘city Rapunzel’, she was living an enclosed life. It was human, what opened her up. Enrique Geum (Yoon Si-yoon) and Oh Jin-rak (Kim Ji-hoon) helped her come back outside. “I think I’ve lessened my burden through her. I taught myself, make effort but don’t expect. I want to have fun and meet new things”. Park Sin-hye stars in at least 2~3 dramas a year since her debut with “Stairway to Heaven“. Her filmography already numbers more than 20. She chose “Stairway to Heaven” as her proudest drama. “Trying not too hard to be grown up was what made be make the switch naturally in my opinion. I could be free of the child actress with “The Pretty Boy Next Door” and show you that I am growing up in “Cyrano Agency“”.