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First thing that comes to your mind? Most likely Sherlock. However mind palaces were a thing, even before Sherlock aired on TV. I can't remember how long I've had mine for, but it's been a long while now, and I absolutely love it! So if you want to know some benefits of having a mind palace, and some tips and tricks on how to make one, read on!
First things first. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A PALACE!!! Mine is more of a "mind laboratory". However, it's a little odd, because it shifts as my mindset changes. Everything in my mind laboratory are made out of words and logos, all of them white, and flat. They vibrate a lot, making everything dynamic, and moving a little, in all different directions.
It's VERY loud in my mind palace. All of the words that make up the walls are screaming at me. Words such as discovery (one of the loudest words), forget, and universe. It helps me think. The more I concentrate, the more the words vibrate. I can also pull words out of test tubes, and the walls, allowing me to find the right one that I need.
You will never forget anything you put in your mind palace. It's true TO A POINT! I've found that if you don't visit your mind palace once and a while, it starts to break down, and loses data. And you also need to make sure to file it in your mind palace correctly! I often throw ideas into a box, and if I need to recall one, I just dig through my box of ideas until I find it.

How to make a mind palace

Making a mind palace isn't that hard. All you need to do is visualize a place. That's all it really is, a visual representation of your thoughts, ideas, and mind. It doesn't have to be a palace, remember. It could be a street, a house, a castle, anything. At one point my mind palace was nothing at all, just an infinitely white space, where I could compose my thoughts and ideas.
Try to make your mind palace fairly small. It's too hard to remember massive cities, and there always seems to be mind gaps - missing buildings, missing ideas. Also, try not to make it too complex. Once again, too hard to remember every little detail.
Your mind palace doesn't have to be made out of words, like mine is. It can be made of logs, stone, anything. At one point I decided that I wanted my mind palace to be a massive sand castle. That's another thing... MIND PALACES CAN CHANGE!!! Sometimes my laboratory has 5 rooms, sometimes it has three. The tubes and chemicals are never in the same spots that I left them, and my ideas bin decided to go under the counter, every single time.
It takes a while to develop a mind palace, and its sometimes hard to concentrate, and hold it in your mind, however once you have it well developed, and are able to hold it in your concentration, then you will be able to remember almost everything, and you will be able to focus more. And hey! This technique doesn't work for everyone, so if you don't get it, that's okay!
So just to wrap things up... ·Make it fairly simple ·Make it fairly small ·Be creative. It's a visual of your mind. ·Make it easy to remember. ·Let it be dynamic. Don't restrain its change. ·Doesn't have to be a palace. It can be anything! ·It's where an orchestra of thoughts play together, making something beautiful. ·It doesn't work for everyone. ·It's great for very visual people. ·HAVE FUN!!!
Hope you enjoyed reading this card!!! Have any thoughts on what I should add? Do you disagree with something? Leave a comment below!
Please tell me about your mind palaces, and your experiences in them! I'm very interested in hearing about what other people's mind palaces are like!
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This is amazing actually! I’ve heard a lot of the house technique in order to help with you memory...and there are studies to back it up! how long have you been doing this? I think I might try developing my own mind palace... filled with simple and beautiful mythical stuff. :D
@VinMcCarthy There's one room in my lab that's always there. I spend most of my time in it. The though of a mind manor sounds really cool!
this is really dope! personally I've had a "mind manor" for some time, basically high school. like yours, it changes, but certain rooms always stay. the setting stays too. it's always night, the manor sits on a hill in a clearing in a forest. lots of old wood. there's a lot of music and fireplaces, things that help me focus and calm myself and think.
Yeah, I hadn't thought of that. But that's a really great point. I'm just going to let my house be a little messy at first @AlexanderBeta
@nicolejb Thanks! I've found that it's better not to have a photo, because when you do, your mind works too hard on recreating it precisely, and there's no room to just let it flow. Of course, that's just my brain. It really is whatever works best for you!
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