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JYJ‘s Yoochun recently completed a photo shoot with fashion magazine ‘Singles‘ for their April edition, as well as an interview. The concept of the shoot was based on his most recent drama role, Han Jung Woo in ‘I Miss You,’ a tough detective. The shots were darker and tough-looking, with cuts of Yoochun charismatically gazing into the camera. In the interview he stated, “I’m aiming for acting that looks natural. Honestly, I still need make-up to act better. I have a lot of things to fix because I suddenly started acting straight out of my singing career. However, if I get a little older, I don’t think I’ll worry as much about how I look. I want to try very strong roles, or try my hand at action roles.” The rest of Yoochun’s photo shoot and interview can be found in the April edition of ‘Singles’ magazine. Check out some more cuts below!
he is so cute
Love Micky
so cute but the hair is too short!
Its really Han Jung Woo facial expressiong....!!
His so skinny but still looking good..
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