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I heard from @glo86 you're going through some pretty shitty stuff right now @kmeier230 and could use some cheering up. While I don't know what happened and I won't ask, hard times are hard times. I also won't tell you it'll all get better with time or that you'll forget this pain soon. It'd be a lie, all time does is give you perspective. My only advice is cry as much as you need to right now. Get it all out, yell and curse if you have to, be angry! Talk it out with friends. Then you smile. Smile even when you don't want to because you know you're strong and beautiful and this can't keep you down forever. We're all here for you!

Now I got some friends that want to try cheering you up! *^U^*

Jimin wants a kiss ! And to remind you that just like him you're fabulous and YOU are the view! Own it girly!
You're stronger than you think, have courage and you'll pull through this!
Jungkookie wants you to be happy and smile for him. Plus he got you flowers aww!
Enough said.
Suga kitty is upset you're sad... he'll go beat the crap outta whoever it was for you! Then throw some hearts and kisses your way while luring you out with some whip cream! ❤❤
Some last words of wisdom... I especially like the last one. Very helpful! I hope you enjoyed this @kmeier230 and maybe smiled a little bit!
they do, after work I go straight to my bed and close my eyes trying to make the day be over with. thank you truly again
thank you so much this means a lot :) I appreciate you taking the time to make me feel better I really like this a lot
@kmeier230 oh bunny I'm so sorry and you're very welcome. If you want another card with different handsome boys or anything just let me know ok?
@kmeier230 anytime bunny! we all just want you to start feeling better soon. Breakups seriously suck. ^^