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@rockron97 frieza has telepathy did you forget how he picked up krillin and blew him up with his mind.... lol glare??? just like tiens glare attack that has barely any effect on frieza or cell or anyone for that matter....confusion? some Pokemon's attack don't work on higher level Pokemon mewtwo is no where near at all even close to the power level frieza has....and I'm sorry bud but sakura would be bent over vegetas knee and spanked for trying anything
@PedroDejesus 😁Haha, Sakura should get a spanking regardless of what she tries. 🔥✋😭 Remember how Frieza was in 2nd form, and Krillin used Flare? 💥😱It actually worked!😵Weaker Pokemon sometimes confuse me on the Mystery Dungeon games. 💩Have faith in weaklings, bro. 💫I don't think 🙏Tien has pro Brainrape skill anyway. Frieza shall be DIZZIFIED! ✨🌟💫🌠💫🌟✴💫❇💫✴💫❇💫🌟🌠
@rockron97 for sure but you came out on top right? mewtwo can probably kick friezas ass for a little bit but once frieza adapts to his style he won't make the same mistakes....mewtwo doesn't have anything near strong enough to destroy frieza in one blast....I mean frieza survived and avoided a spirit bomb his survived countless ki blast and can smack away ki blast let alone earth destroying ki blast...in the long run frieza would win because of his strength and mix martial arts....and ability to fight in extreme conditions...mewtwo couldn't keep up with friezas speed once frieza figures him out...frieza isn't as smart as mewtwo but frieza isn't dumb
and he's willing to have a plan b....and willing to destroy the entire planet before he looses soooooo mewtwo still looses especially if frieza decides to destroy the planet lol
@PedroDejesus Yup.🏆I usually came out on top...But sometimes I beat my own team under confused status.😢 It's not always bad.👍You're right about Frieza's strength💪, but ADAPTATION?👼After watching Resurrection F, Goku fully explains how that's his ⚠weakness⚠. BTW, not a bad movie! He could've won if he let his body ADAPT, but...LOL. You should've seen how foolish he was. 😁💀Besides. We might not be thinking of the same Mewtwo. 🐾☀I don't know if you've heard that awesome new Pokken Tournament🎌, but not even I know what Mewtwo can do at this point. 💢Heck, maybe he can make Frieza self-destruct for all I know. 🌀No lie, man. Anything's possible. ⚡