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Melon Music Awards happened and look at these adorable loves. Can we sit an discuss this lovely photo....... First Sexy boy looks amazing im still so happy that he got the blonde back the blonde is just too much for me Second.....How cute is Daesung...ughhh whenever i see him i just want to squeeze him Next.....Young Bae....fitting his name once again hes just too perfect... Now can we talk about how good Top looks. ...why must he be soo good looking seriously... and Last but not least. ....... The King Swaggy G 관지용이 With absolutely zero effort and zero f's given my love is just slaying everyones existence and then some. hes just too perfect and i feel bad for the other award show attendees because seeing GD would make me question my life/fashion choices.
Hes just soo cute.......Can i keep him please?!?!? lol
@krin lol I was almost late today trying to watch the award videos and they were too perfect
I was sooo late to work trying to watch this and I had to miss their live performance but I watched 2 of their acceptance speeches and I DIED lol... The Kings deserved all their wins!! I'm one happy VIP ❤❤👑👑
Yees!!! They performed a mini concert and KILLED IT lol.