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First, we'll jump right in with possibly one of the greatest anime of all time, One Piece. Eiichiro Oda has struck gold with this creation of random funny action packed awesomeness. with over 75 manga and 700+ episodes the series is still going strong.
Next up is another classic anime. Math to Shippuden. I myself, being a huge fan count Math to and Naruto Shippuden as one, but some decide to separate the two into completely different anime.Either way Masashi Kishimoto has made a name for himself with this huge hit. The series has just recently ended but the anime is brilliant. 72 manga and 500+ episodes.
Finally we'll end it with one of my new personal favorites, Fairy tail. Hiro Mashima has made an anime that will give you real feels. You're sure to get a dose of action, comedy, and feels from this work of art. 45+ manga and 250+ episodes.
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I have the biggest crush on milliana lol