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Sundays as DAY6' Fandom Name?
[JUNHYEOK INSTAGRAM] junhyeok93: 아무 일 없어요 걱정 하지 말아요🙈#JYP #Day6 #Sundays [TRANS] [IG Update] 151106 junhyeok93: We're fine, don't worry🙈 #JYP #Day6 #Sundays https://instagram.com/p/9vfMNAD7Oq/
[JUNHYEOK INSTAGRAM(Video)] junhyeok93: 비온다💧 #JYP #Day6 #Sundays [TRANS] [IG Update] 151107 junhyeok93: It's raining💧 #JYP #Day6 #Sundays https://instagram.com/p/9xjnjuj7OZ

#Sunday ?

Did Im "Fairy" Junhyeok try to give us a hint of Day6 fandom name?

What do you think guys?

what do u prefer Daylights ? or Sundays?

or other? tell me your opinions~ Comment below kkk ^^
Bonus /LOL/ xD
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I was wondering why they kept saying 'sundays' under their pictures... haha. It makes sense now. xD
2 years ago·Reply
@StephanieDuong if sundays is the name.. Thats mean we complete the week because Day6 is monday to saturday kkkkk
2 years ago·Reply
@cellinafunny Ayyyy!!!! THAT'S SO CLEVER!! :D
2 years ago·Reply
@stephanieduong that's what I thought when fans were looking for names!
2 years ago·Reply
Im crying re-read this now ;-;
2 years ago·Reply