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on the Melon awards t.o.p announced that the made is his last abulm before his military service.....but however big bang will continue to make music... the news brought tears to gd's eyes and shortly after t.o.p, taeyang had to take over for him...oppa i love u so much i hope you know how much love and support is behind you and it will not be the same without u
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I cried too. it was too much I'm gonna miss him and hope for a safe time in the military :(
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I am happy for him,. He will DEFINITELY be missed, but he can now get this behind him so he come back and rock the kpop world again!!!!!!
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Okay so now I know what he's said, even watching it without the subtitles I cried cause I knew it has to do something with him going into the service and then seen all of their faces I just bawled! I love top and I'm not gonna be okay when he goes!
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@StephersTaylor me to i had use google translate and vingle to figure it out i was already crying when t.o.p was speaking but then i saw gd cry nd i was done 馃槩馃槩馃槩
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I can't like this because this broke my heart. all of them in tear like that too much.
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