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Well I finally finished Bleach yesterday. I started watching it in August 2014 and finally finished in November 2015. I have to say this was a magnificent anime. I seen some but I never watched it from the beginning. So I decided to I loved all the characters but, I got attached to Ichigo Kurosaki the most.
He reminded me alot of myself. We have the same personality for the most part. I have always feared I will never be strong enough to protect the ones that I love and I pray if that event ever occurs that I'll be stronger than the culprit. We both have anger issues and etc.
He became like my older brother. In the anime he is younger than me but if anime characters aged like we did he would be my older brother. xD
All the times he died I cried so hard because he died over and over again. It was like seeing my brother die constantly I couldnt take it. He did have some bad ass moments though.
Like the Final Getsuga Tensho. My jaw just dropped when I seen this. Then we he lost his powers I was depressed the whole time then thanks to most of the other soul reapers spiritual pressure he got his powers back and I cried again but this time because I was happy. But then when it ended I cried because I didnt want it to. I love Bleach so much.
No! I hate spoilers oh well I love BLEACH!♥
this was my 2nd anime that i watch, this is one of my favorites ♡ Ichigo is the Bomb with his powers
try Manga reader or Manga fox
owo you need to read the Manga then @BAKERR3
bleach, had so many feels moments, it was an emotional Rollercoaster
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