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I didn't even get to watch the award show because, honestly, I know it's that time of year, but I'm always late with finding out about the shows and who's performing and where to stream, etc. Anyway, I happened to stumble across this post on my dash and it connected me to the YouTube link for the performance.


I love performances like this that really stick out. I feel like there was something going on with the mics maybe or the backing track or maybe it's just the recording of the stream or something but, overall, this performance was TOP NOTCH, okay? In all honesty, I wish it had been a little longer with more of the lightshow part but I love this and their dance break. SHINee was the group that really got me into dance breaks, so I'm kind of picky. I adore BTS dance breaks. Yes, yes.

Did you watch the Melon Music Awards 2015? What was your favorite performance? Is there one you think I should watch and review? How'd you feel about the winners? Let me know. ^^

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Is the recorded version on Youtube yet cause I can't wait to watch it.
@kelseyblair It was such a nice performance. For some reason, seeing them in shorts made me want to laugh though. Lol @angiey0222 Did you like it? lol @ChelseaJay Honestly, I'm not sure. It might be. :o
@AmbieB I watched it. it was awesome! I wish I could've watched it live 馃憤馃憤
@angiey0222 Aw, I wish I could have watched it live, too. That was I wouldn't have missed such an awesome show~!