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377 kpop songs
Put all my kpop song into one playlist and turns out I have 377 song on here so far 😆 and I wonder why my phone is so full haha
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loool BAP is the best. cant wait till the 15!! .... and only i have 2000+ song on my phone, but i think kpop songs are only half of it
2 years ago·Reply
I can't wait either lol and I haven't even seen the full amount of song on my phone haha@edwinb94
2 years ago·Reply
so...thinking back on this card...decided to see just HOW many kpop songs I have. And the grand total is... *drumroll* 1,575.
2 years ago·Reply
Omg that's a lot @Kieuseru hahaha
2 years ago·Reply
Basically 99% of my music is Korean so I think I have almost 1000
2 years ago·Reply