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VIXX brings another puzzle for Ken's teaser image
Were you able to figure out the latest puzzle VIXX gave out to fans? They gave another clue on Twitter, this time for Ken's teaser image! This time the clue was: 'Key 4) 050218 / 150614'. Were you able to guess what those two dates referred to? If you guessed that they were the dates Ken was on the show 'Mask King', you're right! In his performances, he was a 파송송계란탁 (Pasongsong Gyerantak). And the link to his teaser image is right here. Enjoy that beautiful teaser image! http://realvixx.com/%ED%8C%8C%EC%86%A1%EC%86%A1%EA%B3%84%EB%9E%80%ED%83%81
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