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Lucky Sevens
Got7 make the color look even better
can I get a doctor cuz I think I am over Heating
The heat doesn't stop
I wish they went to my school dressed like that
just when you thought it was over its The Beginning lol Jackson style
come let us embrace the GOT7 Fandom
Yoogyeom is soo Cute I could just Die XD
JB, I Volunteer to be in those Arms yes Luard!!!
don't have to do much to be sexy YJ & JY
when Oppa gives you a kiss *tehe*
Mark stop it please!!! it's tooo cute o(>_<)o
Got a lil too Jackson happy.... can you blame me that boy is Sexy
this Overload is dedicated to @Gianlica my beloved follower
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i understand completely. with them i am either dying laughing, eye rolling at their hotness/perfection, or screaming because of cuteness, or on occasion crying because they have a beautiful bromance thing in their group. @stacyneroland
I don't mean to be rude but when said BamBam it's Yugyeom
Sorry @TeaTimeFoxy I was going on the tags from the site I got it from I am pretty new to Got7
@stacyneroland it's fine ^^ welcome to the madness, you can never leave o.o, just trying to save you from others xD
@TeaTimeFoxy thank you for the heads up