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Hello everyone!! I am new to vingle this is my very first card! Some of my favorite groups are Got7, VIXX, EXO, SHinee and B1A4. I honestly like way to many to list them all. The very first kpop song i heard that got me hooked for life was error by VIXX! That song is just amazing for so many reasons! What was the very first kpop song that you heard? leave your answers in the comments im curious to find out your answers!!
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I then got soon addicted to K-Dramas and then binge watching them all in one sesson.
oh i know im hooked on k dramas too! Im watching she was pretty right now and i love it!
@Misheru77 do you find yourself torn in two with each episode and going through the motions?
My very first Kpop song was Catch me by TVXQ. My favorite Kpop song is Error by Vixx.
Mine was um.....hold on I can't remember.....uhm......erm.....OH YEA IT WAS A-Pink No No No.