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I have a mini game of two questions for you guys!! First: what do you think about you working in big hit entertainment museum and having a magical adventurous night with the living wax guys (BTS).??? Second: tell me!! What would you like to do in this strange nights and what others guys do you want to see alive in this museum of idols.??? ^•^
i would work for free just to meet Rap Monster lol Then i just hug him and maybe be able to sleep next to him 😶😶😍
Would I be payed and how much? If I would get payed hell yeah I'd work there What would I do id sing and work and dance and work and rap and work and sleep (#suga) and work.
First of all that would a dream come true and what would I do??? In a museum with my fave idols?!? So much have fun doing crazy things, try to sing and dance....the possibilities are endless hej
@SusiBosshammer you is so right