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Hey Vingle Anime Fam!!! I just wanna have a little discussion/debate about the new hero onepunch-man and the old legends Goku and Superman
In case of you don't know anything about one punch man he's the new superhero that has incredible strength agility and in most cases the ability to win a match and completely disintegrate the enemy in one punch
There's still some speculation about this hero but he seems pretty incredible to me and not easily intimidated
the rules are simple you can use any timeline of Superman in any version of Goku with no morals who vs onepunch-man if you need more info on one punch man see the link below Location: Apokolips NO MORALS Let me know what yall think Hope yall enjoy
Well the most saitamas ever taken down was a planet buster (which was boros), even though he only used a low percentage of his power. I'd say he is at the most a multi solar system buster. but goku was able to do that at ssj2, but at ssjg he almost destroyed the entire universe. I'd say goku would win against saitama. and I'd rather not go into the supes vs goku thing, that kind of stuff starts wars haha.
@RodneyYoung well goku could move faster than light as a kid, and saitama is faster than sound, at the absolute most I'd say he might be able to move at mach 30, which is 30x the speed of sound, and that's 23018.1 mph, light moves at 186,000 miles per second. goku would out class him in speed tremendously. and he'd have to be able to destroy the universe to be on par with gokus power.
one punch man
but have either one of you read the manga though it reveals a lot more information about onepunch-man @EduardoPontier @BAKERR3
lol thats what i though until i started reading the manga
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