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So I'm rewatching Akame ga Kill again on to toonami and one of the characters that caught my attention was Sheele (mostly dur to her panda scissors but I still love her).
She had a pretty decent background with finding out she wasn't good at nothing, always clumsy and messing up everything. Until she killed someone for the first time to defend her only friend (that abandoned her even though Sheele saved her life). Sheele even killed a group of guys when they threatened to kill her on her way back from shopping. All with a kitchen knife and they had swords!
What do you guys think? I'm thinking that Sheele would've been more badass if she would've stayed in the series longer and was given more of a opportunity to show off her skills. Not on part with Akame or Tatsumi, but still pretty awesome.
@JessReno agreed! I felt like they could've had more time to do something v.v @animeyuko Exactly, that's how I feel about it, and what upsetupsets me most is that the episode before she died she became my favorite of the group :(
I like Sheele, I was so upset when she died and her backstory was so sad (T ^ T) She was the one who comforted Tatsumi A truly underrated character
@Thatperson512 same here. she was one of mines also
Her and Chelsea deserved more screen time 馃槹
She was one of my favorites
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