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you can tell you have when TOP announces his enlistment because GD oppa starts to cry
if anyone has the English sub's please add in comments
This is from a comment on YouTube. top: we didn't think we would win all these awards, so before the awards, we did rock paper scissors to decide the order of the speeches. even though I can't talk very well, it is now my turn to make a speech for this honorable award, and I am so grateful. our team, big bang, is approaching our 10 year anniversary. I feel like we have received overwhelming love and support from you guys. like the name of the award, we will be the best group that continues to create fun new music, stages, and new ideas for 10, 20, 30 more years. our member thanked many of our staff and our fans, but I think we forgot to thank our parents who gave life to us and take care of us. this was our first album in 3-4 years and I would like to give sincere thanks to our parents for loving and supporting us through the years.
lol I thank all the kdramas and ksongs for my learning lol
omg i understood some of what top said i am so proud >_<
you don't*
even when you completely understand... it's easy to see how great they are, how awesome top is and what great love they hAve for eachother as well as the fans. =) oh kpop and feels
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