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MONKEY D. LUFFY ALL THE WAY!! Luffy wins on this one because he ends up fighting and fighting until he is literally and completely exhausted to protect his nakama. As a captain, he know when his nakama can fight alongside him, and when he knows that they can't he tells them to run and he is the one to take on the excruciating pain that is to come from the enemy that they are facing/ trying to run from. So my vote goes to Luffy.
Dude, Luffy all the way. Why is this even a question?πŸ˜‚ Natsu is great and he does value his friendship but it's not like Luffy. The friendship for both anime/manga are strong but very different in terms of how they view it and how it's shown in the anime/manga.
luffy. allthough they would both take on the world for their friends. natsu joined his guild, Luffy earned his crew.
luffy will always win cause he's friggin awesome he can't go on with out his crew helloooo
fairytale is fan service......they never loose e_e
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