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I was told in too black and too ugly to audition for any KPOP companies.
Y are people so rude? And he is supposed to be my friend
Do you guys think I'm "Ugly" ?
Ok maybe a little
Fk that person Audition, train, debut and become a bomb ass kpop star
Please make a card about it! or inbox me or something, just let me know how you did, okay?
A popular kpop girl group, Rania now had a mixed girl!!! She's black and white and not korean at all and she raps amazingly. I'm also mixed so there's hope for us!!! I would say try out and follow your heart. When your "friend" sees you on YouTube or the news or anything like that, he's gonna realize he was dead wrong
@saraortiz2002 I'm not sure yet I have a few companies in mind who do you think I should audition for
That's soo rude! I don't think you're ugly at all! There's nothing wrong with being mixed either. People are always so quick to put others down over silly things. plus not all trainees start out looking like gorgeous models. It takes hard work and a team of stylists to make them look so flawless. Without all that most of those kpop idols everyone drools over look just like normal people like you and me.
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