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@Lizzeh and @KellyOConnor don't feel bad just feel better that you know more than ppl not into Kpop @MattK95 awesome man you and @jiggzy19 did better than me I was short ten b/c I apparently like drawing blanks
@stevieq lmao yeah we were. I guess we don't really pay attention to openings lol. @KellyOConnor omg same here. After I checked I was like "really? I have this in my music library!! 😣"
@stevieq i know, the funny thing is most of these songs are in my ipod I just couldn't tell what they were from the first 5 seconds
@stevieq well I still enjoyed it a lot 😁 then with some songs I was like omg how could I have forgotten about you!!
The two we got wrong were songs we hadn't heard before, but otherwise it was pretty easy, definitely fun though ^^