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omg this made me feel like such an idiot cuz i knew like 90% of these but it just didn't click in my head. ughh. Soo much fun though!! 😄 I need more of these. maybe a little shorter next time though lol.
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@MorganElisabeth we should do this when we wake up.
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18/50 for me, but they were the only songs I knew so I guess it's a 100% for me personally. I will say that I got Shinee - Juliette wrong but I didn't count that because I've never actually heard the entire song, just a snippet of the chorus so it would be impossible for me to know the beginning.
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I only missed 4 that I totally didn't know and around 3 that I didn't know the name of the song but I knew the group .... 😂😛😛😛😊
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