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@MelissaMae its fine now. Having been put through that has taught me a lot. I've learned how to look out for them. And I can help others to avoid them when possible. Not everyone listens though, sadly.
@JosephMcCain it looks like you got out undamaged. many of us are not so lucky. i still live with a sense of loss of something that cant be replaced because i loved him truly without question and without other explanation, i loved him and cared very deeply and he was a part of me and in some way always will be. i still live with the pain of the rejection and the devaluation and the pain of separation and the scars from his cruelty.
@MelissaMae I'm sorry to hear that. I really can't say that I know how you feel, because I don't. When I did manage to get out, it didn't affect me in those ways. I'm sorry that I don't understand enough to offer anything helpful. Hopefully you can feel better soon though.