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따라해! A cool phrase to lead your group! [SNSD/4Minute/SHINee]
When we think of k-pop phrases, it doesn't really come together, and we feel like we don't really hear it in songs a lot. However, this one was the first ever phrase that caught my attention: "Dyed our hair". The first time I heard it was in "I Got A Boy" by SNSD (Girls' Generation). When Tiffany told us that they "dyed their hair", my friend and I were confused. We were like...wtf? Why are they telling us that they dyed their hair? We don't really need to know-- And then it hit us. Why not look it up? We went on colorcodedlyrics.com, which is an EXCELLENT source of (color coded) k-pop lyrics, if you didn't know already. Anyway, we looked it up, and there it was: "따라해".


It's actually ddara, but I guess it's easier for us English-speakers to say ttara, cause if we say ddara, our "d" sound would sound too bold. For here, I'll just leave it as ttara.
As I said earlier, the first ever song I heard this phrase was in "I Got A Boy". Here's a clip of Tiffany's "따라해". I edited the place where the YouTube video starts, so listen close; after she says "Hey, lemme introduce myself", it'll come! Hear that? I seriously thought she was telling us that they dyed their hair. But actually she was saying to follow her! Wow: what a finding.
Next up is Hyuna in 4Minute's "Crazy". Here's a clip for you to listen: after the first C.R.A.Z.Y., you may or may not hear it... Well, when I heard this song, I knew that they "dyed their hair", but I still kept on thinking that they did (because I kind of forgot the fact that my friend and I looked it up). No, they didn't dye their hair... but Hyuna unnie wanted me to follow her!
A little bit from the boy bands... SHINee's "A-Yo"! Well: Onew tells us that they dyed their hair in this part of the video. I looked the lyrics up, however, and he was singing us: "When you're tired of the feeling of being alone, then just follow me"! How nice :)
So 따라해! 따라해 on this Vingle collection please! (I'm just kidding, but I hope this card helped! Next time when you lead your group, yell at them, "ttara hae"!)
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so, did you think they were saying "dyed our hair" in English? or does the phrase 따라해 also mean dye hair?
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Good question! I thought they were saying "Dyed our hair" in English, since it sounded like that to us. However, when we looked it up, it was a phrase that sounded similar to "Dyed or hair", but it actually meant "follow me". @Kamiamon
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