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when I was watching the melon award on YouTube, when bigbang won an award, during the speech top was saying. Someone said in the comments said top is going to enlist in the army????? WHAT!? I started to freak out! And that bigbang is going to take a break as well...someone plz explain to me whats going on! if its true im truly broken my heart cant take it.
TOP will be enlisting first next year. Than GD and Taeyang in 2017. 2018 will be Daesung and last but not least Seungri in 2019. our kings won't reunite till late 2021. They have all renewed their contracts with YG so expect some solo projects.
It's going to be ok. We're used to 5 or so years between BIGBANG comebacks. We're used to them giving us solo and duo project in the interim. This has been strategically planned by YG and BIGBANG for some time. They will do their military service in a staggered manner so we won't actually have to go without them completely. By the time Seungri is out, GD should have had plenty of time to prepare enough material for the next comeback. Since they just renewed their contract with YG earlier this month, they are planning to stick around for some time. President Yang said earlier this year that he h
He's 28 now and they have to enlist before like 32 (?) not sure on that. Top in 2016 GD and YB in 2017 Dae in 2018 RiRi in 2019
@Emealia @glo86 @AdiaJasinski ......should I break this to my friend lightly about top leaving?
it's true that I think once they turn 30. almost half of BigBang will join the army. My heart aches at the thought of this as well.
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