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Rape Victim Is Blamed For Ruining Rapists Life.
Imagine being raped 300 times for 6 years of your childhood, living with that shame and pain and being afraid to tell anyone. Then imagine you grow up and finally have the courage to speak believing that your voice matters and people will understand and you will finally find justice and begin to find some kind of closure, if that is possible, only to find that you are being shunned and blamed, even made out to be the bad gu, accused of being a liar. Imagine what that does to a person who has already been victimized in the worst way. I have never been raped but i have been emotionally abused by the one i loved like my own soul in a very cruel way. I came forward and told his friends, family and everyone who knew his name what he did to me. And you guessed it! They blamed me and made me out to be the bad one with his help, of course. Im sure it is not like a child being raped. But it was still painful and hurt a lot. I know only a fraction of what that girl felt but i know in my own way how much that hurts. It causes more trauma and psychological damage. Those kinds of people live without a conscience and should be punished. Not just the rapest, but his supporters who blamed that poor girl, should be punished. They have abused her without a cause and should be held accountable.
Here's an article with more details. Please, share your thoughts.
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Hard to share thoughts when everything inside me is screaming over this! Vigilante Justice Anyone?
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@2Distracted im all for that but i dont want to get caught. but what would i do? idk. i wouldnt kill anybody but id like to see them socially ruined and cast out and brought to shame. id like to see them go to prison and have to wear a warning label for the rest of their lives.
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@2Distracted but thats never going to happen so whats the plan? i dont have one but i wish i did.
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@MelissaMae I have no doubt that if this were my daughter someone would have to watch me 24/7 cuz id prob just take care of it myself. I tried telling my mom when I was 7 about the 2nd older neighborhood boy who touched me and she didn't believe me so I never bothered her again about it or the other instances that occurred. I used to say I felt I had a invisible bullseye on my forehead that only creeps could see that said "vulnerable child easy victim" So many times there are multiple people. These creeps can smell vulnerable children a mile away. I have a 12 yr old daughter now and its been hard not to be over protective of her. I swore she would not grow up experiencing what I did and I can so thankfully say she hasn't. but I still struggle with being over protective.
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@2Distracted i am so sorry to hear that. i know that when people dont believe you and dont stand up for you, that hurts just as much as the original abuse that you are trying to expose. it only adds to the pain. thats why i have a personal grudge against anyone who mistreats abuse victims and sweeps them under the rug. it hurts.
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