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Imagine being raped 300 times for 6 years of your childhood, living with that shame and pain and being afraid to tell anyone. Then imagine you grow up and finally have the courage to speak believing that your voice matters and people will understand and you will finally find justice and begin to find some kind of closure, if that is possible, only to find that you are being shunned and blamed, even made out to be the bad gu, accused of being a liar. Imagine what that does to a person who has already been victimized in the worst way. I have never been raped but i have been emotionally abused by the one i loved like my own soul in a very cruel way. I came forward and told his friends, family and everyone who knew his name what he did to me. And you guessed it! They blamed me and made me out to be the bad one with his help, of course. Im sure it is not like a child being raped. But it was still painful and hurt a lot. I know only a fraction of what that girl felt but i know in my own way how much that hurts. It causes more trauma and psychological damage. Those kinds of people live without a conscience and should be punished. Not just the rapest, but his supporters who blamed that poor girl, should be punished. They have abused her without a cause and should be held accountable.
Here's an article with more details. Please, share your thoughts.
Being sexually abused as a kid is the worst. The law is too lenient towards rapists n pedophiles.
I wrote about this very thing a couple years ago. It helped to reconcile some of the feelings I was having about being ostracized. I don't think your feelings make any less of an impact on you than mine do on me. Yes, people can compare and say that others have been through worse, but that doesn't negate or diminish what you experienced.
Ugh I hate the world sometimes !!! But this happens so much in society I know news casters such as CNN would victim blame SOOO BADLY. Once when two football stars were put away for raping a 15 year old girl the reporter said "such a shame those boys had such bright futures." Like wtf is that a joke they are the worst kind of person. I'm so glad that all of you have felt so comfortable to share your stories and that you are safe now. You are inspiring.
@MelissaMae emotional abuse can be as traumatic as physical abuse and as invasive as sexual abuse. If you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to message me.
This is really hard @BeannachtOraibh And this story is heartbreaking. I'm glad that you are being peaceful about your struggle and I'm really sorry that the justice system is failing you as well. It's a raeally difficult thing. We are here for you, @MelissaMae thank you for posting this.
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