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Here is some Korean Slang that I was messaged with on Kakao ^~^
Sim Kkung 심 (ssim) is “heart” and 쿵 (kung) is like a thudding noise. Ssim kung is the sound of your heart beating, or, maybe to use an English idiom, your heart skipping a beat. One experiences ssim kung when seeing a person or thing that inspires passion or a lovestruck feeling. Ex. You see your favorite idol on TV. He looks at the camera and smirks. -“Ahh! There he is! 심쿵 심쿵!” Clasp your hand to your heart for the effect.
Haek No Jem 핵노잼 (haek no jem) = “Seriously no fun.” 잼 ("jem") is the first syllable of the Korean word for “fun” or “entertaining.” “No” is simply “no” in English. Haek in this context means “extremely.” Ex. You’re trying to play with your adorable poodle mix puppy, but all it wants to do is sleep. -“Ugh. 핵노잼, Dizzy,” you tell her. No fun!
Dae bak 대박 (dae bak) is best translated in one word: “Awesome.” Daebak is informal Korean and is most often used between friends. It is also something of an exclamation, a way to react to something cool or surprising. Ex. Taking a bite of a pizza slice, you realize it’s maybe the best pizza you ever had. -“대박.” You could also say “대박이다" (dae bak ee da) meaning “It’s awesome.”
Maen Bbung 멘붕 (maen bung) expresses a natural reaction to something frustrating, shocking or disturbing. The literal translation is “collapse of one’s mental state.” 멘 comes from 멘탈 or “mental” a borrowed word from English, and 붕 means “collapse.” Ex. You wake up to a text message from your best friend telling you your favorite show has been cancelled after only two seasons. “What?!” you reply. “멘붕.”
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"Jimin is very no fun" "You got no jams" haha now i get it very clever rapmon
me: *sings Heart Attack by AOA* "you got no jams" *says it like 20000 times* *Sings MTBD*
lol its okay @ReynadeKpop but it's really getting popular with the army Fandom
@CreeTheOtaku I believe it's also been popular within the Army fandom to be honest
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