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i stayed in the trap because i wasnt strong enough to chew my own leg off. This quote is a perfect metaphor for what it is like when you are abused by someone who is already a part of you. Sometimes, you cant just get up and walk away. The narcissist knows that and he makes sure that you are caught in his trap before the abuse begins. Literally, that is what they do and without conscience knowing the position they have put you in and take full advantage of it. this is when using the silent treatment as a form of coersion is most effective. The victim is put in a position to make one of three choices, endure his silence, give him what he wants or just chew your leg off and crawl away the best way you can. But no matter what you do, you are going to suffer. You just have to chose which is the least painful and for me, it was to endure the silence. The narcissist is fully aware of what he is doing. He knows that he is damaging another human soul for reasons that, in his own demented mind, are good reasons. He will not admit that he is just selfish, cruel and has no conscience.
@MelissaMae You're stronger than you know
@MelissaMae But you did escape. You're stronger than you think.
@JPBenedetto interesting
My family law attny once told me that partners who'd been abused all strikingly (and similarly) act like caged cats who'd been prodded with firey hot pokers for way too long. His description stuck with me. Especially when he told me I seemed like one of those cats... It's an eye opener to realize that it was so apparent to people outside my home and relationship.
@MelissaMae You're moving on with life and helping others. Some people would have given up. You ARE strong, you're amazing. You shouldn't underestimate yourself.
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