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김 태형 Thankyou for inspiring me to be the weird 4D person that I am! I am glad to see someone like you who doesn't care about how they look on TV or shows. I wish I was that bold ... I also wish I had a voice like your's ~ I sing and I take voice lessons but my voice is not that great. I fell in love with your deep soft singing voice and I screamed once I heard you loud scratchy screamo-like voice. Those are my two favorite type if vioces. You have the perfect blend~ plus you are good looking~^^ You are my idol, you are the person that I want to be like when I get older. I hope that you are okay with that.
And one more thing, your smile is beautiful! It brings joy to me even when I am depressed or sad. I tend to smile when you smile. It makes so many people happy and I hope that you continue to smile~
Tae's smile is the best , it can seriously light up a whole room. OMG HIS VOICE HAS KILLED ME SO MANY TIMES , ITS SO DEEP >_<