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Is Girls’ Generation Taeyeon open her own Instagram account? On March 17 ( taeyeon_ss ) posted a photo, And many Soshi Fans are asking whether it is FAKE or a REAL account of Taeyeon. This Instagram (taeyeon_ss) gained 4000+ followers in 1 second and there are 3000 new open Instagram accounts only to follow Taeyeon. Netizens recognized that it is taken at Japan, DisneySea when she was enjoying her day with her co-member Tiffany. Some Netizens commented “I WILL BE SO HAPPY IF DOES INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS WERE REAL”, ”I think that instagram acc is real. Look at the pic that she post. The outfit she’s wear is like yesterday when taeny went to disneyland.”, “If there is a REAL Taeyeon’s personal insta account, of course it’s a GREAT news to SONE”, “now there’s more soshi instagram acc. sm please say something”. And other members as well yuri_ss, yoona_ss, sooyoung_ss, hyoyeon_ss Do you think it’s FAKE or REAL? SM please clarify this! cr : Gateway2korea