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Tours + BigBang
As a k-pop fan i look forward to attending a k-pop concert in my life! But theres two problems!?!? They don't come tour often in the U.S and if they do its not in my state or its on the other side!!!!
Being also a fan of American rock bands and me living here, i didn't understand when people from other countries complained about bands not touring in their country since they always toured and came around in my city, no biggie right? But I now understand completely and i feel their pain! Its terrible! But one day ill go to many k-pop concerts and ill be a happy camper! πŸ€“
On another note my babies from BigBang won Artist of the Year Award! And i couldn't be more stoked because they are so great!!
So beautiful!!! 😍😘☺️😭 Anyway its sucks when k-pop groups come cause no luck! 😣 But one day right? πŸ€—
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