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Here comes the preliminary(?) lesson that should have happened first but I, being a poopie head didn't do this so it haunted me all night and day. I do this myself so you have some (shaky) proof of it working. I say shaky because I have a tendency to just stop altogether and leave it only to come back a month later. Anyways, enough about my failure as a student. Let's get started.

Step 1:

find yourself a space that is conducive to learning (so, like, a room that you'll associate with working) -- don't choose your bedroom you automatically associate that with sleep and rest, not work

Step 2:

so you've got that special spot picked out. Good job. Now, act like you're doing school work and have paper: this could be a notebook a journal a special binder— it just needs to he kept together— pencils, highlighters, etc.

Step 3:

You've got your materials and a work space on to the next part, this is gonna be hard. WRITE IT DOWN. Ya, that's really hard isn't it? The second you see it, write it down and help it solidify in your brain. --it helps if you write it in your own words and write comments about it in the margins of the page. (I took an entire semester on how to learn in school, ironic ain't it)
as a side note I just want to add color coding information helps or flash cards or whatever helps you learn and remember.

Step 4:

Ok this part is the hardest because it's all self motivation. PRACTICE and REVIEW And I don't mean glance at it and say" ok I've done my review." That's not gonna help you get any better. You gotta put in a little effort: if you can do like five minutes of reviewing and then like five more practicing a day you're doing great. (pheww he's built ... Oh wow fireman carry me sir..veins...)
That's it. Good luck.
good advise!
thank you!! 😄