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Yes or No
I wanted to do this since I love this group but I was too busy waiting for Jay poppa to think of anyone else.....
So Yes or No
I'm sort of on the fence but leaning towards Yes. The meaning of the lyrics went completely over my head while I was focused on the really cool 50's/60's themed mv. But with that the not so subtle lyrics.....well what do I say to that, they simply aren't subtle at all and I absolutely love it. The mv......I think it went well with the mv. There were so many subtle hints at to what the song was about especially with that apple and weird shaped stick thing (ooooo what could those be possibly alluding to)*wink wink*.
Either way, I really like this song and the innuendos that were supplied with the mv.
FYI~ I've totally fit myself into my was warm...😅😅¬_¬ no judgements
This is a partial Yes for me as well. I definitely like the song and it feels like a song I would listen to just because it's up beat and funky but it's not exactly my jam. I love the 70's/80's feel the beat has to it (anyone think of Austin Powers?). The lyrics are also very interesting. The whole thing about time stopping and stuff, it's a total trip and I like it. It really show BEG's maturity on a different level.
But can we talk about where I can get that's really cool
What do you guys think? I know my thoughts are rough and not well developed but you guys are so much more insightful.
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I drunk text my wife one time and she got pissed off at me thinking I was trying to flirt with someone else... I had to point out that I was using her name while texting so it was meant for her...ㅋㅋㅋ
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ㅋㅋㅋ @RobertMarsh I can almost picture the scene like watching a drama
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it really was funny to me...I was trying to flirt hard with her and convince her to come join me at my motel... I was in Korea and she was here in Kentucky
2 years ago·Reply
lol long distance flirting *thumbs up*
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Yes to both! I love B.E.G!!
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