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Yes, you heard right! If you didn't watch Melon Music Awards yesterday no need to worry I will have some information on my favorites from last night! & if you did watch it *high five* to the sleepless night! Lol I will also have some translation of what members said yesterday! I hope you enjoy this card!! I will be talking about Big Bang, Monsta X, BTS, and Mad Clown so stick around VIPs, Monbebes, ARMYs, and Mad Clown fans! ♡

Big Bang

▪ Received 4 awards, 'Best Artist of the Year' being one of them ▪Performance was so energetic and awesome ▪Down below I will attach translation of their speeches!! (Crédit to: bigbang.translate)
Does Seungri's speech sound familiar? haha And who provoked that you may ask, no one other than GD haha (Look what your man did @Jiyongixoxo Lol)

Monsta X

▪ They received their first award at the Melon Music Awards! ▪Received 1thek Performance Award (I'm so freakin' happy for them!! Their hard is finally slowly paying off) ▪Not sure what their speech said but understood bits and parts. BUT they got extremely nervous! Oh No! Hwaiting Monsta X and Monbebes ♡ *Wohno's Translated Speech down below* (Crédit to: officialmonsta_x )


▪ Received Best Dance Male Award ▪ Had a really dope (not the song) performance! ▪ Why aren't they nominated and(not winning more awards? They have the fans and the talent! So what's happening! *Check out there AMAZING performance down below*

Mad Clown

▪ Received Best Rap/Hip-hop Award! (Aah that cheeser though when he won the award!! ♡) ☆Fun Fact: Mad Clown was the one that got me back into Korean music with his rapping. *Please support Mad Clown he's great!! (Even though he can't freestyle -_- lol)*
Bigbang is life🙏❤️
@Jiyongixoxo Same here!! My mains (except 2NE1 😟 and Exo ) were there and won awards! ♡ So happy!
🙊💕this award show made me happy all my loves won but BigBang seriously made me so proud
I hate they don't do bands. CN Blue and FT Island both had great songs this year.
@AnnahiZaragoza MAMA awards are another big popularity contest. 50% of the vote is coming from China. A few groups were completely shut out of the nominations.
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