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Photographer: Marcio Cabral Site: [http://www.pbase.com/marciocabral] Lagoa Misteriosa, which translates as “Mysterious Lagoon”, is a lake at the bottom of a sinkhole, a type of geological formation common in limestone regions. This lake of transparent waters impresses visitors for its incredible depth. It is considered one of the deepest submerged caves in Brazil, with more than 220 meters of water column (maximum depth reached by professional cave diver Gilberto Menezes de Oliveira, in 1998), which explains why is called mysterious.
i love this pic....words cant describe how magnificent it looks...
You're absolutely right. It looks beautiful and a little scary at the same time. Want to go diving? ;)
OMG, 220 meters?!!! Is it really possible?
@mikyung0412 I guess it is. It is pretty amazing.