We all adore the crap out of Seventeen don't we?
They are all freaking precious, lovely, and bright little babies that wow us with their talents and humor and all around insane abilities for only having debuted this year. They have gone through so much with their training and busted onto the scene with show stopping songs Adore U and Mansae.
In short: we are Seventeen crazy.
Since it is Noona November and I am waayyyy older than the oldest member of Seventeen (so they are all eligible), I wanted to make a card about my bias (one of four... but still) who I always feels gets a little over looked!
So lets do it!
Being born in February of 1997, he is much younger than my 92 liner self:
the beautiful most wonderful DK aka Dokyum aka Lee Seokmin of Seventeen!
Stage name DK, real name Lee Seokmin,
he is a part of the vocal line of Seventeen and he has a wonderful voice and fantastic stage presence!
He is such a little ray of sunshine and is said to be one of the members that got along with everyone the quickest.
Like seriously on their show he was called Seungkwan's endorphine. Yak.
I always thought he looked like Harry Potter, and then he went has him for Halloween this year.
I didn't think I could love him anymore than I did,
but after that costume, I was definitely wrong.
Seokmin is just incredibly gorgeous inside and out and it shocks me to know he is only freshly 18 since he has such a mature face!
But his bright personality definitely has a youth about it.
And sidenote, he totally reminds me, personality wise, of Dujun from Beast so that also totally woos me.
Thanks @kpopandkimchi for starting Noona November!
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he is so cute! thank you for taging me
2 years ago·Reply
I still don't know much about Seventeen but I'm happy to see this card. His smile is absolutely precious!!
2 years ago·Reply
he is the purest cinnamon roll of them all; ^;
2 years ago·Reply
@baileykayleen yessssss Bby doojoon
2 years ago·Reply