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GREAT! Let's see what your position is!
#1 Maknae
#2 Leader
#3 Rapper
#4 Main Vocals
#5 Dancer
#6 Visual
Sorry, I didn't know what pictures to use, so I didn't use any. @OliviaZenger @AimeeH
Auditioned: Mamamoo - Piano Man Company: SM Members: 8 Position: Dancer Thank geezus I can dance XD
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Rapper life man!
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Leader? me a leader okay and I have to take care of seven members?
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So I auditioned with the song Piano Man by Mamamoo and luckily got into YG. Were they decide i wasn't good enough to be a solo artist so they put me in a group of 8. Luckily i got put as main vocals so ill get to be the center of attention a lot hopefully!! Let's hope my group last long!!!
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