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I'm not sure if this is the real ship name, but I think Natsu and Lisanna should end up together.
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It never stated that she was an S-rank, but once Natsu and the others made it back, Makarov declared that S-rank missions were available to everybody, as long as an S-rank wizard was with them. This suggests that before that moment, S-rank wizards, and S-rank wizard only, could participate in S-rank missions.
@FriendsSearch The rule has always been you can go as long as your with an S class wizard
Then why would Makarov make that declaration?
He didn't declare that when they got back. When they got back the guild had been f'd up but by Gajeel and Phantom lord and Makorov said they went without permission. That's it and he hit them on the head or something and I'm pretty sure he smacked Lucy's butt
Lol yesss he did @Thatperson512 and Elfman and lisanna were never s class bc if they were then lisanna wudnt have been able to compete with juvia and also personally I don't think they shud have brought back lisanna bc she does honestly nothing! @FriendsSearch