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I'm not sure if this is the real ship name, but I think Natsu and Lisanna should end up together.
Lol yesss he did @Thatperson512 and Elfman and lisanna were never s class bc if they were then lisanna wudnt have been able to compete with juvia and also personally I don't think they shud have brought back lisanna bc she does honestly nothing! @FriendsSearch
Can I get some back up here?? (x @NormanSmith @OGv6FATE @winterhaven @KiaraN @chris98vamg
Lisanna could have done so much more but she came back and basically did nothing. I have a card ranting about this already. (x
@FriendsSearch That's not true and it has never been stated that she was an S class.
I hate the thought of Natsu and Lucy. And Lisanna and Elfman were never S class. Mirijane was an S class and you can go on S class missions if you're assisted with an S class wizard.
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