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So thanks to @princess2328 I have a new group to obsess about!! Yup, it's Infinite ^_^
I'm still trying to learn their names D: but there were a few that caught my eye (:
The first video I saw of them was Before the Dawn and it was great! The video scared me a bit hoping the two guys weren't actually hurting each other ): but with a behind the video help it turns out they were just that good at acting!! Great Video!! The two who caught my eye were Dongwoo with his rapping ^_^ and Sung Jong (:
However when I saw Paradise this pretty head of hair guy just killed me off X.X
Sunggyu took it all lol he has such a great voice and just look at that gorgeous face of his!! ahh I'm sick this weekend and this killed me lol
Ah! You picked some good tentative biases! Dongwoo is my bias and he is quite lovable! But Sunggyu is like prickly and charming all at the same time and also sings like a freaking angel and is so passionate. So not a bad choice either. And SungJong is just gorgeous and such a precious goof ball who has a quite sexy stage presence! Really, all of Infinite is a catch.
L caught my eye first and is the whole reason I got into Kpop in the first place. I was never really big on Sunggyu, though he is talented. I've come to like him more as he has grown up. Though he may not be my favorite I do think he has gotten more handsome with age.
I got into them not long ago but Dongwoo caught my attention with his rapping and his smile. But I saw a video of a Sunggyu's solo song 60 seconds and fell in love with his voice. they are tied as my biases
@Princess2328 I hope so too! Lol I figured since I'm in bed all day I could make a card ^_^ I get that life just hits when we least expect it (: @destiny1419 hmm that would be great for me to listen to thanks! and I love rappers! but kpop has me so mixed I'm confused on a "type" I have Lol @baileykayleen I saw their recent appearance on weekly idol and they had me smiling and laughing the whole time 😂 they each have their own personality it's just too hard to pick one ^_^
\^_^/ yay! I hope you feel better! I still need to do mine and I will have it no later than this coming week. life sort of got in the way of everything. I'm so glad you enjoyed them though! \^_^/
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