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Sooo I was at work and I had my music playing in the back and when I went back there to change the song the guy I work with was standing there by the phone so the conversation proceeded as follows: Me: what are you doing Him: trying to understand this, is this Korean? (I was extremely shocked most people ask if it's Chinese) Me:Yeah it is I don't listen to normal music Him: Didn't you have your name in Korean on your name tag at some point too(showed him the back of my name tag it has 마리솔 and a bts sticker ) Then he's like :that's cool so you listen to Koop Me: yeah I listen to Kpop and a lot of Korean rap Him:so what got you into kpop(I started getting suspicious lol) Basically told him a short version of how I got into Kpop Then he proceeds to ask me if I watch kdramas and I didn't want to overwhelm him so I played it cool and was like yeah I do(I held back the excitement of someone near me actually knowing about kdramas) Then I told him how I've been trying to learn Korean and he said he wanted to learn to study abroad.........inside I was like omo! The person I least expected to ever know anything about Kpop or kdramas not only recognized it but also wanted to learn the language to study abroad it took so much for me to play it cool and not get over excited but I think that he's secretly a fanboy and I may have found another kpopper!! I will figure out his secret haha
that's awesome! put your ninja skills to work!
hahahaha FRIENNNDDD!! ۶⁼³₌₃(づʘ‿ʘ)づ